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Taekwondo Tree

Taekwondo Tree

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A silver plated, wirework, tree set upon a rock (shape of rock varies).


This tree is the perfect gift to accompany you through your Taekwondo journey, to display your belt charms as you collect them along the way and watch your tree fill up as your training continues through the Taekwondo belt system.

The rock at the base of this tree symbolises the Earth, where the seed of knowledge takes root. As you advance through the belt system, the tree reflects the growth of the plant into a towering tree that reaches towards the heavens.

The trunk branches out into nine major branches, representing the nine grades of black belt. Each of these branches then divides into three smaller branches, emphasising the importance of the number three in the oriental culture.

The Chinese character for three is written with three horizontal lines, with the upper line representing heaven, the middle line representing mortals, and the bottom line representing Earth.

It was believed that someone who successfully promoted their country, fellowmen and God would aspire to become a king, which is written similarly to the character for three.

When three is multiplied by itself, the result is nine - the highest of the high, thus making the 9th Degree the highest black belt.

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